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Inspection Response Repair Negotiation

Inspection Response Repair Negotiation

The inspection is done but now you are looking at a long list of issues the buyer has raised.

  • Which requests are reasonable?
  • Which requests are not reasonable?
  • What can I take care of myself?
  • Should I request the inspection report?
  • What exactly do I as the seller need to do and when?

Transaction negotiation experience can be key to making sure you don't promise too much, over extend yourself and force you to be a general contractor until closing. Our licensee will assist with all the inspection-related communication with the buyer or their agent. A little experience goes a long way for this part of the transaction. Mistakes in this part of the transaction can cause big heartburn at or close to closing.

Important Notice - Purchasing this service does not guarantee a successful negotiation or closingThis service is provided by a Real Estate Broker (or agent) and like all brokers or agents, they do not provide legal advice. This service does not involve attending the inspection, evaluating the inspector/inspection report, obtaining quotes, selecting, evaluating, monitoring or supervising vendors. This service communicates the standard transactional information necessary to negotiate with the appropriate participants. Not available in all areas, subject to availability. Any failure on their part to communicate and correctly perform their responsibilities may delay or destroy the transaction, in addition to normal transaction risks, including but not limited to lender rejection of buyer, property title problems, inspector/appraiser errors, etc.