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Will traditional agents with buyers show my home even though I am saving so much money?

Yes, agents from every large and most small real estate company have sold our listings--name a company, they have probably sold our listings: Remax, Coldwell Banker, ERA, Century 21, Prudential, the list goes on and on...
Agents want to find a home that meets their buyers' needs as quickly as possible, as long as they get paid a competitive commission for bringing the buyer. This explains why agents from every major real estate company have sold our listings.
It is extremely rare that an agent would refuse to show a home that pays them a competitive commission and meets their buyers needs. Refusing to show violates federal law, the Realtor Code of Ethics, and their legal responsibility to their buyer as an agent. There may be a very small number of agents in some areas that violate the Code of Ethics and Federal law prohibiting a boycott, but it is extremely rare. The MLS listing does not tell them how much you are paying to list your home, only what you are offering to pay the agent who brings the buyer, so the agent won't know how much you are saving.
This topic comes up most often when an agent resorts to scare tactics to get you to list with them. The agent who hopes to list your home tells you that agents won't show your home to their buyers. While making this statement violates Federal Law and the Realtor Code of Ethics, realize that this is attempt to list your home because the agent doesn't have a good reason why you should pay their 6-7% listing fee.
In addition, the local, state, and national associations actively police agents who make these comments. Email us for a link to a recent article written by a Realtor Association Attorney that states:
"Two or more firms should never agree to refuse to deal with or cooperate on less favorable terms with another competitor (usually a discount broker) or attempt to drive such competitor out of business. Boycotts such as these are illegal. Nothing can be done to intimidate "discounters" so that they will abandon their alternative marketing strategies. You should never indicate that other brokers would not do business with the discount firm.[emphasis added]"