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Highest Rated Flat Fee MLS Listing Service

The Flat Fee MLS Home Selling Process

BuySelf sellers are 16% more likely to sell their home, when compared to other well know flat fee MLS listing services.  

BuySelf sellers sell faster, also. BuySelf listings are on the market for 19 fewer days than other flat fee MLS home sellers. For the past 2 years, the BuySelf average seller sold in 32 days--19 days faster than the other large flat fee MLS services (in the studied markets-2018-2020).

Why the huge difference? 

As a flat fee home sale Broker, we focus on communicating what is included in our service. The other day someone asked the opposite question—what is not included in a flat fee listing?  That is a really good question, so let's have at it:

First, let's eliminate some misconceptions about what is included in traditional Realtor service with the huge commission.

Yes, our service includes free changes. Simply let us know what you would like changed, and we will submit the changes to the MLS for processing. For some changes, the MLS will require a seller signature to make the change. The MLS listing changes sometimes takes a few days to be visible across all the different places your listing information appears.

Yes. While thousands of our home sellers do not report an increase in telemarketing calls as a result of listing, we can help sellers set up a new forwarding telephone number to give out and post that forwards to your current phone number. Remember, once you list with us agents are not allowed to solicit you to list with them, so many of our sellers report fewer marketing calls once they list with us.



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