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Highest Rated Flat Fee MLS Listing Service


Yes, there are multiple independent websites where our customers have posted flat fee MLS reviews about our service. Call or email us, we can email you a link to these websites. These websites show customers commenting and reviewing our service in their own words. We strongly recommend that you look for independent reviews, not just testimonials posted on a company’s own website.

We recently had a flat fee mls seller send us pictures for their property. The pictures were ok, good but not great, but there was a problem. They showed the home and lot covered with snow. Now normally that is fine but it was August, and this wasn't in one of the few places in the world that have snow in August (no we don't list in the Southern Hemisphere, yet).

Consumer Reports has weighed in on real estate commissions, and the results point directly to using a flat fee listing broker, which is no surprise to me. The articles appear in their September 2008 issue. Consumer Reports is perhaps the best known and longest running consumer advocacy organization, which is described as "No brand is more widely recognized and trusted than Consumer Reports. Since 1936, [it] has delivered thorough consumer product recommendations, while maintaining a reputation for objectivity and accuracy.

Since the very beginning of being a flat fee broker, I have been surprised at how many traditional real estate agents use our flat fee listing service to sell their own properties. Yes, I think a flat fee MLS listing is an outstanding and incredible value, but I never really figured that agents who as their job ask people to pay 5%, 6% or more would not make sure they themselves paid that price when they sold their own properties.