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Why most flat fee listings get an D+ grade on buyer motivation to buy

The sad truth is that most flat fee MLS listings confuse, alienate, or repel the majority of buyers. Even worse, the flat fee seller doesn't know how repulsive their listing is, because buyers/agents don't contact sellers to explain why they won't view the property. Not only does the seller not know their listing stinks, there isn't any way for them to learn how to improve their listing. So all the seller knows is that their house isn't selling. Is it the price? Am I listed in the right MLS (Multiple Listing Service)? Time goes by, the seller blindly holds onto hope, with little or no chance of getting an offer.

Regrettably, most flat fee brokers promote the myth that all a seller needs is be in the Realtors MLS, nothing more. Buyers and agents will magically line up and buy their MLS listed property. Simple. A seller lists with them and receives little guidance on the critical dos and don'ts to attract a buyer. Buyer agents, who represent nine out of ten (86%) of buyers, either select or influence which properties their buyers view. Agents typically don't show listings that are agent unfriendly. The end result: Most sellers waste time, give up, and end up paying the huge traditional commission they hoped to avoid.

Why doesn't the flat fee broker who listed the property tell them? Educating sellers on all the nuances of being an Agent Friendly Listing that will motivate buyers and agents to buy is time consuming (read: expensive). If the broker is honest, they will admit they don't have the time. A seller with common sense won't figure out how to make their listing Agent Friendly. The typical flat fee broker has cut their price so low that all they do is list the property and they are done. As a result, the typical flat fee seller has little chance of selling in today's marketplace. The simple fact is that most flat fee listings don't sell.

There is hope. BuySelf Realty pioneered flat fee listings in the 1990s and created the “Agent Friendly Listing” concept and term. BuySelf Realty services include Listing Grader, the tool to educate sellers how to make their listing attractive to buyers and agents. The step by step guide includes support and clarifies what a seller should and should not do while selling their MLS listed real estate. Listing Grader is the reason BuySelf Realty's sellers are more successful than other sellers. Our average seller earns a B+ grade, whereas the typical flat fee listing with other brokers earns a D+

For a limited time, Listing Grader is available at no additional cost with all BuySelf Realty listings. Listing Grader's value is much greater than the regular $299 price, when you consider how much it will save the average seller who no longer pays a flat fee to list, fails, and then pays the huge traditional Realtor commission.