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Perhaps the Best Article Yet on Flat Fee Listings

I've had more than one interview where I was concerned that the reporter didn't adequately understand the topic, but this was the opposite extreme. The reporter for this article really hit the ball out of the park, in my opinion.
Angie's List just published an article entitled "Home buyers, sellers empowered by online information" and the reporter Paul Pogue did an excellent job. Granted, he has thoroughly investigated and learned about the real estate industry over the years, unlike some reporters who have to approach it brand new with a short deadline.
Here are some of the article highlights, in my opinion:

Flat Fee MLS Listings “It’s not as hard as it seems.”
“The Internet and electronic commerce changed the rules of the game,” he says. “For the first time, consumers have access to not only information but also tools and resources that in the past were exclusively the domain of real estate professionals.”
“Today, sellers can give their properties wide exposure by having them listed on the MLS … which often include multiple photos…”
“You’re in control. Nobody is going to tell you what to do …. You can advertise where and how you want, schedule showings at your convenience, speak personally with prospects and even take your house off the market for awhile if you decide you’re not ready to move yet.”

The article calls Flat Fee MLS Listings "The best of both worlds. With a discount broker, you pay very little out of pocket …but you get the wide exposure of an MLS listing, too. If you go FSBO, you’re locked out of the MLS"

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