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Just Received Our 100th Customer Review on Google Reviews

Thank you to all the customers who liked our service so much that they reviewed our service. We are proud to announce that we received our 100th review on Google. We have actually been reviewed by well over 100 flat fee home sellers previously, but we lost over 40 reviews when Yahoo decided to sell its review section to a paid review vendor. Unfortunately, that review vendor immediately deleted all the old yahoo reviews when they took over in 2016.

At this point, we are not aware of another flat fee MLS listing service that has even 20 positive reviews. We know that many of our customers “do their homework” and find us in spite of other companies that have huge marketing budgets (and often, bad reviews).

Google started accepting customer reviews of businesses in late 2007, and we received our first review from a home seller in 2008. We appreciate and are proud of all the kind words, and it makes us even more motivated to help our current and future customers.

Over 100 flat fee MLS home seller reviews on google reviews